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Former Miss Teen International - Adriana Demos

Adriana Demos is from Gurnee, Illinois where she has served her community her whole life. As Miss Teen International 2022, she plans to end gender disparity making sure girls are set up to succeed. Through her foundation, Equally Equipped, partnerships and ambassadorships with Skills USA, Girls, Inc., and Wrestle Like A Girl, she will travel the world to reach girls in underserved communities to help them see that they can do anything God puts on their hearts to do.

Adriana’s journey began when she wanted to be a wrestler, like her brother, and her father said no. In 7th grade, she asked the wrestling coach to join, and he told her she could only dictate the boys' scores. These moments changed the trajectory of her life and are the reason she is so passionate to keep all girls off the sidelines for any sport or industry typically dominated by males. She believes and represents to the girls of the world that beauty and strength are not mutually exclusive. She created Equally Equipped to help girls trying to participate in wrestling and other sports they are typically shut out of. She quickly began to see the true gender disparity beyond sports, so her foundation helps girls to be equipped in all aspects of life. She is honored to represent Skills USA, Girls, Inc., and Wrestle Like A Girl because girls are marginalized and kept out of sports and trade programming. She is on a mission to set the girls of the world up properly to take it over and make it a fair and powerful place where every girl knows she can!

In her senior year of high school, just months before she was blessed with the Miss Teen International crown, she participated in the first ever Girls Wrestling State Championships in Illinois and placed third in the state.

Adriana is starting college in the fall on scholarship with Carthage College in Wisconsin, where she will also be on the women's wrestling team. Adriana will be pursuing a political science and broadcast journalism degree with the professional goal to change the media and political landscape from within.